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The Three Main Spiritual Needs of Man

If there was no sun, the earth would be cold and abandoned but with the sun, there is warmth, light and clarity. But if I was blind, I could not perceive this glory, I could not comprehend about color and depth, or about the difference between night and day.

Then, there is not only the sun or the light, not only my eyes but my capacity to appreciate. And all this would begin not only with the appreciation of the outer side as the starting point but the appreciation of my inner self.

If I don’t have confidence, I will not look at the horizon and will not be able to distinguish and much less to know the value of spring, the profound, poetic, mystic and completely real meaning of life.

If I don’t have self affection and self love, I will not be able to love.
How can I appreciate? This is the beginning.

Now, as the second step: The confidence, the security that is built, that is shared, must be developed to the point that we become very close.

I have to believe in the world because it surrounds me with its land, its people, its food, its strength, its peace. And as a vision of solidarity, my blood must be the blood of the people and I must answer to their presence, with happiness and concern. Because if I did not believe, I would not have neither history nor presence. I could never picture myself in the future of others. And it happens when I take refuge in their eyes, in their soul and my soul. Then, confidence is the second step.

The third, necessarily is Love. But the steps don’t have to be separated or one after the other since they are as a flower and its color and aroma that beautify the morning, which brings clarity and expansion and dissipates the shadows. The dew that brings moist to the fields as little diamonds of light in the prairies.

If I don’t love, if I don’t feel, then I don’t exist. I would become useless and will not be able to take, to give. If I can’t give, I can’t receive confidence, credibility, solidarity and Universal Love, which are the paths to meet God.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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Special Notice. A Great Event

Time is moving on, are you prepared? Are we prepared?
Many changes are coming very fast, in reality, no time will be left soon.
The whole humanity will be changed, you’ll never be the same. The world will never be the same.
Your heart, your mind, your self will be transformed.
I ask again, are you prepared? The change is already in process, a big success is in process.
The earth has to change, even heaven has to change.
When this time comes, the whole life will be shown in a unique way. And there is a reason, and there is a truth, which is superior to every reason, to every truth, to every happening.
Do you want to know the secret of the mystery of the big change?
Actually, you’ll be in love,humanity will be in love.
Because Jesus is the glory. Christmas will be present.
Merry Christmas! Be in love with life, with the universe, with God.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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The Eternal Flowing

To meditate is as seeing the flight of a bird free and spontaneous, posing from time to time among the tree tops and then retaking the flight as  wanting to be fused among light and heaven.

Always free always happy. Because life is and will always be an eternal flowing in the great universal harmony. And this is the treasure that meditation give us.

Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

Things You don’t know about Patience

This is a difficult subject, because we already know what is evident. There are many occasions where every person can write his/her own book, but when we reach the subject of “Patience,” this has scientific and psychological explanations, which truly are a play of words.
Patience, can only be achieved with great faith and spirit of prayer, when we sincerely want to break every barrier and we, in fact, know and understand the need to look for help, support and the assistance of the Divine Spiritual Power.
Patience, embraces many areas, because is not only tolerance, resistance, but much more.
Patience is a discipline, a clear vision that illuminates our lives, because of the Love that God puts in our hearts, since, when in fact, we already had lost patience, then, is a continuous work, just like the voyage of a ship by the sea. If we hurry, if we get frustrated, this will bring violence, sadness, instability and all type of rejection.
To have self patience is related to self Love. To have patience with our fellow man, is related to Compassion.
The practical form to define Patience, is to understand that life is lived one moment at a time and perfection is only found in God. Every time, that we support progress and we help good, we become good, we transmit good, we realize good, which means that good will be what we have achieved, what we have obtained, and this we will not lose, but will become reality. And besides, we will help paths, journeys and lives. And then, we will not have to look back in retrospect, wondering what would have happened with more patience and understanding.
The lack of patience, is a clear invitation to the most deplorable forms of violence and drama, with sad outcomes of pride and vanity.
God is patient with us, because he wants the best in our lives. If we try to reflect spirituality, we can’t overlook this vision: Man is on earth and the universe, not as owner and lord, but as friend, brother, as enamored of Love and of life, which is present on everything that exists.
Patience is to reflect our inner light, a little more every new day, and when this light can flow, then, we certainly will be able to see God, face to face.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

Our Natural Foundation of Life

I was meditating in front of the sea, its color is simply wonderful and it perfectly conjugates the green emerald with an exquisite blue. And being as it is, sea, also has sky sparkles with rhythmic waves and swirls of ocean foam that always seem to speak of peace and tranquility. I could calm myself in front of the sea. It is pure Nature, a generous mother, a source of conciliation and of renewed virtues. Now, when I close the eyes, I also discover the sea within me and I have found that we will never be able to separate. Meditation unites in such a way that it makes us to discover our natural foundation of life.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

Happy New Year 2010

Today is the last day of a year that brought joy and sadness.
Only God knows the reason of these mysteries but man has the capacity to dream about a better world. Tomorrow a window will open for all humanity. And once again, we have hope for better times and a superior life.
Let’s find in God, the renewed energy and the so much wished peace to reach each being. And certainly this will not happen by itself, let’s put our best goodwill and determination towards all humanity; understanding now, the importance of a better world.
God has offered us so much Love! Let’s appreciate and let’s make from now on a better world for today, tomorrow and always.

Tomorrow will be a Better Day

I had a deep pain deep inside while my heart was full of doubts and jeaulosy was burning the essence of my soul, until this morning . But then, a woman’s tear fell in my lips and my deep inside pain and the one breaking my bones started going away and the cursed grief hurting my heart and soul as furious volcano also went away.

It was just as if I had fallen from a very high place. I thought I was dead, torn to pieces but this did not happened. What happened was that God saw the purity of my feelings and He brought me up from that floor and He placed me to a side and now I ask myself whether I am truly alive?

The memory of that deep pain is still too close but something inside me wants to believe again but I am no longer the same being. It is just as if I was a tree that had been given one hundred blows and has not fall down because of his hardness. I think that I am still covered by blood, my own spilled blood. I think that I still feel the pain of what I went through, maybe I can understand Lazarus coming back from death and I feel half alive, I think that I need time to believe again in the stars of the firmament allowing their light to announce a bright morning.

The tear that touched my lips have changed the cycle of this story. I fell from a cliff and I saw myself tore down in pieces and now everything is back together. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry, but here I declare what I have been able to understand: ” In order to live, is necessary to love and be loved.

Life without love is only mere pain. Love must be care for in such a way that we must give even the whole life -in a conscious way, because of

I don’t feel happy but I don’t feel the despise of life neither the agony of a lost existence, maybe I am breathing again and I am even afraid of believing again, but I cling to my God who rescued me from darkness and I know that tomorrow by virtue of Love, it will be a better day.

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